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  Evo Racing
Fuel Injection Map Management
Injection Map Adjustment Range +50 +50
-100 -100
Ignition Map Management x
Ignition Map Adjustment Range x +10
x -10
Self-Adaptive Management
Engine Breaking Management x
Quick Shift Managent
Accelerator Pump Adjustment
TPS Calibration
RPM limit Management
Speed Restrictor Management
Pit Lane Limiter x

Rapid Bike EVO by Dimsport Technology from Italy is a fuel injection and engine management module fitted with a bike-specific wiring harness to the existing wiring loom connectors of the bike. It sits between the bike’s ECU and it’s injectors allowing modification of the signal in order to obtain optimum fuel efficiency and performance. Once fitted, the “self-adaptive” feature continues to monitor the oxygen sensors and air/fuel ratio when the bike is being ridden and determines the automatic self-correction of the fuel maps to improve the engine efficiency and reach peak performance.

The Rapid Bike EVO supports the management of multiple maps which give the advantage of having different injection maps with different self-adaptive settings which can be activated simply by the flick of a switch.

Rapid Bike RACING has all the features of the EVO and more. It also allows modification of the ignition timing, incorporates engine braking technology and a pit lane limiter.

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